My name is Muhammad Yasin Kahut. My rank in LEO is National marketing director (DUBAI REGION).

During the upgrade process of LEO COIN wallet, I have lost my 45000 LEO COINS, for which I emailed to Hassan Zaheer and Marios Mamzeris. After two hours I got a reply from Marios in which he asked me to provide details of new and old wallet addresses. We also both got in contact on Skype on that Saturday. He helped me in the best way he can for two days Saturday and Sunday (which obviously was a weekend).

Finally, after a long struggle, I got my LEO COINS in my wallet, for which I am very thankful to him.I took his family time as that was his daughter’s birthday, but still, he helped me in the best way possible and remained in touch with me. I am so thankful from the core of my heart.

This shows that our LEO COIN and LEO exchange team is giving their best to the company and also to the members and living up to the slogan which is that members are the Heart of LEO business.

Once again thank you very much for all your sincere efforts and help, I really appreciate it.

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Muhammad Yasin Kahut

My name is Nico Linss, and I am from Germany. This is my testimonial, which you are very welcome to read.

I would like to share some of my experiences and personal observations with you.

I had the opportunity to get to know LEO about 2½ years ago. I was enthusiastic about this company right from the very outset, even though, at that time, the LEOcoin did not even exist yet.

It was even more exciting to be closely involved in “Project X1” as it was known at the time.

Now we know that it concerned our highly regarded LEOcoin.

I was gradually able to get to know LEO in all its aspects, and it was very easy to share this knowledge with other people who were interested in it and to duplicate its structure. This was possible thanks to a simple principle promoted by L E O = Learn Earn Own - I learned about it first in order to be able to share my knowledge and earn money by doing so, as a result of which I was then able to develop my ownership.

LEO, which works in a unique way with the LEOecosystem, is easy for anyone to understand and, in the most diverse areas, offers something for everyone.

That is why I thoroughly enjoy working with LEO and the environment within which it operates. Especially meeting people just like you and me at the global LEO Live seminars, exchanging information and ideas, learning more and discovering the big picture concerning LEO.

LEO’s guiding principles are immediately apparent

  • Our members are at the heart of our business
  • Everyone has the potential for greatness
  • Diversity provides strength
  • True success does nobody any harm
  • Faster is better than slow
It is therefore always worth visiting our “DiscoverLEO” webinar to find out more about LEO. LEO changes your lifestyle.

Let us take a look at the area of LEOcoin and LEOxChange.

The development of the LEOcoin and the environment within which it is used is the result of careful planning and simple design executed by Dan Andersson and his team of developers.

It was therefore very easy to use the internal LEOcoin platform, which every member of LEO can find in its back office, and open a LEOxChange account with just a click.

All verified data from the KYC profile is thereby automatically incorporated directly into the LEOxChange account.

LEOxChange is LEO’s own external trading exchange, on which one can buy additional LEOcoins, trade them or, if required, exchange them for FIAT currencies.

Payments in and payments out, e.g., in GBP/EUR/USD via bank transfers are executed very quickly. They can also be done very quickly using Bitcoin (BTC).

But the important thing, of course, is the user-friendliness of the LEOcoin.

If you want to send LEOcoins to your Desktop wallet, in order to make use of “Proof of Stake”, for example, or you want to send them in the opposite direction, to the exchange, the process is smooth, reliable and fast.

But should you happen to have any questions or a problem, you can quickly reach the support team, who are always eager to provide you with answers and a quick solution.

In this context, I would like to take the opportunity to sing the praises of Marios and Slavka, in particular, for the very good and comprehensive support they have given me.

As a result of numerous transactions of various kinds and also questions from my team, e.g., regarding increasing the limit or trading, I was, therefore, able to gain knowledge about all areas of the LEOxChange and thus work with it in a professional manner.

Consequently, I am also in a position to offer various training courses on this subject, as well as concerning the LEOcoin and team development.

I would, therefore, recommend everyone to trade their LEOcoins via the LEOxChange specifically developed for this purpose, because of the security of the whole platform, as well as your own account, using 2FA (two-factor authentication) is an important aspect, and doing so will also help LEO develop and further improve this dedicated platform.

There is certainly much more that could be written about it...

...but this is just a summary of the main points to demonstrate that everything has been carefully thought through and security measures have been implemented because it is our LEOcoins that are at stake!!! To return to what was written a few sentences back: “Our members are at the heart of our business, ” and this fully applies to LEO in this area too.

I am very sure that we have a great future ahead of us with LEO.

With this in mind,

I wish you all the best and every success

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Nico Linss

LEOxChange and the LEOcoin PoS Wallet

My name is Asif Ali. I am from Pakistan. I wanted to share the experience I have had over the past two years using LEOxChange and my dealings with their Support Team.

I joined the LEOxChange platform on 07 May 2015. My education is just intermediate. I did not understand the trading and its behavior before joining the LEOxChange, but with the help of the LEOxChange team, I studied the LEOxChange guide that is provided on the LEOxChange website.

I studied it thoroughly and started my trading with just 279.49 LEOcoins. At the start of my trading, it was not so easy for me to use and get the benefit. Thanks to LEOxChange team and their quick response to my many problems they were able to solve my many issues in a timely fashion.

My 2nd experience was POS and POS Wallet. When the POS (Proof of Stake) was launched, that was the second new experience of my life because I did not know about IT.

When launched, I was confused about how can I use POS Desktop wallet and how can I get started with staking, so I am especially thankful to Marios Mamzeris for his support and kindness.

I always say thanks to this guy who gave me time outside of his normal hours of duty hour to teach me and train me in very simple and smart way how to use the POS Wallet. He gave me support day and night that helped me to solve many issues.

With his help today my trade history between LEOxChange and my wallet is around 250,000 LEOcoin.

Today I am 100% satisfied with the LEOxChange Team and especially with Marios Mamzeris.

Today I can say that LEOxChange is the best exchange in the world with fast trading, low fees, and quick withdrawal and deposit. You can use LEOxChange Trading Website on mobile and any laptop.

Signup today at www.leoxchange.com and start trading is my advice.
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Asif Ali

The professionalism and speed of this support are tremendous, I’m very happy and confident that LEOxChange has the best user experience when it comes to Support!

Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson

My name is Frank Metzger, and I am from Weimar in Germany. For the first half of my life, I lived in East Germany (GDR), where I studied drama and theatre direction and worked as an actor and director at a number of different theatres. After German reunification in 1990, I left the theatre and founded and built up a real estate company. For more than 25 years, most aspects of my professional life have revolved around money – such as how to deal with money, how to make more of it, what its purpose is and the wisest ways to use it.

It was, therefore, no coincidence when, in 2014, I came into contact with the company Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd, which is based in Oxford. I very quickly realized that the decision-makers, the “brains” behind this company, shared my own convictions about how people should interact with one another and which paths one could take in order to lead a self-determined life, and that they based their business and personal dealings on these principles.

In March 2015, and at the invitation of the company LEO, I traveled to Hong Kong with my wife and attended the opening of the first exchange on which the LEOCoin could be ofcially9 Testimonials traded – the LEOxChange. Since then, my enthusiasm for digital currencies, but above all for the LEOCoin, has steadily increased. Thanks to LEO’s ingenious “Learn-Earn-Own” system, I have learned an unbelievable amount about the significance and function of cryptocurrencies. I now consider myself to be an expert in digital currencies in terms of their economic and social impact. But as far as my IT understanding is concerned, I am still a typical user. I know how to turn on my computer and I know which programmes I need in order to do what I want to do, but that is all. It quite simply has to work. And if it does not work, I need someone to help me.

And this brings me to the reason I am writing this: the company LEO has not only succeeded in creating, with the LEOCoin, a digital currency that will in future count as one of the most user-friendly and easiest to use currencies, it has also done something that is quite unusual in the crypto world: it has created a support team that makes it possible for anyone experiencing problems of any kind - whether regarding the configuration of an eWallet, the use of the Xchange or funding or transferring LEOCoins - to contact a specialist who has an answer to any question and a solution to any problem.

My personal specialist is called Marios Mamzeris, and he sits at a computer in Dubai, where (if I am not mistaken) there is a time difference of a few hours from here. Whenever I have come to the limits of my knowledge about how to use the LEOCoin, and have needed help for myself or my team partners, he has been there. When requested, he has always provided reliable assistance; he has asked specific questions and offered specific, often unconventional, solutions to every problem. It seems like we know each other very well, even though we have not yet met each other in person. Thank you for your help, Marios. And thank you, LEO, for this unbelievable opportunity, for actually bringing to the world a digital currency that can be used by anyone. And finally, Mario’s best phrase, used after solving for me what seemed to be an unsolvable problem:

Please DONT PANIC ;-) ‘tell your friends the same, it all works fine. But I am here if You have a problem.

That is all that needs to be said.

Read more... Frank Metzger
Frank Metzger

My name is Khamis Imtiaz, and I would like to share my experience with LEOxChange.

I wanted to join LEOxChange so I could trade digital currencies like LEOcoin and Bitcoin. I started with a small amount just to try it.

After registering I saw that to trade seriously, I would have to get verified up to Tier 4. I had a larger amount reserved for future trading, so I wanted to get to Tier 4.

It was simple to get to Tier 3, but I found myself stuck. I could not get through Tier 4 verification. Everything I did seemed to be wrong. I was fed up and was just thinking about whether to give up on this platform when I remembered something Dan Andersson had said: “Never give up on your dream.”

So I contacted the support team and got through to Marios. I told him the situation, and he said not to worry and told me the policies on how to get verified.

I followed his advice and got verified in one day.

I know users have been facing many issues to get Tier 4 verification. But yesterday Marios guided me, and today I am verified in Tier 4. I found him active and efficient all the time.

LEOxChange is a professional and secure platform; that is why some tasks are hard to do as my issues showed, but I have good experience with the LEO support team. Special thanks and regards to Lubna Saleem and Marios Mamzeris.

I have learned a lot with this, so now I would say that if someone from Pakistan has any issues, they can contact me. I can share my experience with them.
Read more... Khamis Imtiaz
Khamis Imtiaz

I believe that it was God's leading when Fan Fan mentioned that Marios was the best person around to help me retrieve my Leocoins which have been 'lost' a year ago. In fact, I've heard about Marios from one of my down lines, Vivian Woo, who was also helped by him. I've tried all the guidelines and steps that Slavka provided, but I just couldn't and don't know how to go about it.

I've actually given up hope, until the Leocoin wallet upgrade, and that was when my husband and I started to panic. I contacted Fan Fan, and she said that she'd try to get someone to help me, and it was a relief to me when she said that Marios, was willing to help me. I was so excited, thankful and grateful that Marios would take off his precious time to help me, even to the wee hours of the night. He has shown and proven to me that in LEO, the members are the heart of the Business.

Back to a year ago. It was in July 2016, when my desktop computer suddenly crashed and blackout. There was no choice but to reinstall and upgrade the desktop to window 10. Before the re-installation, we were using Vista, and I had 3,045 Leocoins in the wallet. I sent in a support ticket, and Slavka asked me to re-download a wallet, but this wallet showed a different wallet address with zero Leocoins. I suspected that my Leocoins had been swapped and stolen during the 'crash'.

It was a great surprise to me when Marios retrieved for me an extra 603 Leocoins, a totaling of 3,648 Leocoins. Wow! All that whole year my Leocoin wallet was still staking due to the FANTASTIC POS.

I am also surprised that both Marios and Fan Fan would not accept any thank you and appreciation gift from me. It was only then that I knew that Marios is the Manager of Leoxchange.com. JUST IMAGINE, Leoxchange.com manager, Marios, so willing to help me without any returns. I'm really lucky and fortunate, Marios. My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keep up your high spirit, and good work and May God Bless you in everything you do. You have also proven to me that you are very passionate in your role as a Manager of Leoxchange.com and that you've been truly helping members. I'm sure that all the members would agree that Leoxchange.com cannot do without you.

Thank you, Marios.

Read more... Betty and Abraham
Betty and Abraham

I am truly grateful for the help that you generously provided for me during the upgrade. After I successfully upgraded 10 coins, I sent all of the rest (about 50,000 LEOsoin) to the upgraded address. After 48 hours, I didn’t receive them at my new wallet. I was so devastated thinking that all my coins are lost.

I then started to contact the support and the support connected me to Marios, the LEOcoin Development Manager. When the manager heard about my situation, he immediately gave me clear instruction asking me to rescan my wallet. Since I have never done this before, the support used remote control software to help me during the night. The rescan took a while, and all the address in my wallet were gone in the beginning.

I was so worried, but the support comforted me with the right knowledge. Eventually, all my coins were found. I couldn’t help crying. I thought my fortune was gone, but now they were found because of the amazing support from the Manager Marios and the support staff. “The LEOxChange team is the best. The Manager Marios is the best!”

Read more... Ouyang Yan
Ouyang Yan

My name is Tyler Wen, and I recently decided to learn more about leocoins. I first heard about leocoin through my parents and had already been monitoring digital currencies on the side. Due to their large leocoin position, I began taking ownership of their accounts trading frequently.

I first heard about LEOxChange through a family member, she informed me that it was a leocoin trading platform. Since I was a very interested in leocoins, I decided to check out the platform. LEOxChange is very simple to use and understand the UI is extremely clean. I love the fact that there is no advertisement and all transactions are recorded clearly.

I wanted to share my experience with using LEOxChange support service. Throughout my trading experience on LEOxChange, I’ve only encountered a problem once. After logging a ticket to their support team, the issue was resolved promptly. The only reason the issue occurred in the first place was due to a coin upgrade. Therefore, it was unavoidable.

Since Leocoin shifted to a POS service, I was able to collect thousands of leocoins within my wallet. The stakes mined from my wallet are then directly transferred to my LEOxChange account for weekly trading. I am extremely happy with LEOxChange’s services. Everything is very well integrated allowing for simple and easy delivery.

I want to thank Fanfan and Marios for the support she has provided my family and me. We appreciate the professional services that LEOxChange offers.

Once again thank you.

Read more... Tyler Wen

LEOxChange is a great exchange! Quick purchases and sales! The most common currency pairs, it’s very convenient! I want to thank the LEOxChange support team, all actions are taken in a few minutes! Thank you for being with us 24 hours a day, you are a team of professionals and with big open hearts !! We always know that we can address you with any problem! Your attention and professionalism is our path to success!

I believe in LEOcoin, it will be the best cryptocurrency in the nearest future. LEO is an opportunity for many people around the world to change their life! I want to express special gratitude to Marios Mamzeris, for his high professionalism, attention, and understanding! Thank you! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Learn and consult with the PROFESSIONALS only! I am proud to belong to the LEO NATION !! Only together we will make this WORLD better !!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US !!!

Read more... Salima Abdrazakova
Salima Abdrazakova

Well done team

I, Larisa Sharmankina, live in Russia, Novosibirsk. I want to express my gratitude for the quality work To the entire LEOxChange technical support team. And separately to express huge gratitude for efficiency and being attentive to my problem. Especially Marios Mamzeris, who restored me a wallet with a sum of 6000 leocoin.

Larisa Sharmankina
Larisa Sharmankina

Thanks for the great service that the LEOxChange platform offers. My friends and I have sold over 100.000 LEOcoins on LEOxChange and need to tell everyone that we are really happy with service and how fast everything is!

You can deposit LEOcoin in a few minutes and then sell in a few seconds and also make GBP (fiat) withdrawal in few minutes. The money will come to your bank account in 2 days. Sometimes it arrives the next day! This is great that you can mine LEOcoin and sell it on the same day!

This tells you a lot about how legitimate the LEOcoin cryptocurrency is.

From time to time we experienced some small errors, but that is normal with every internet site or exchange. When it happens, we contact support, and they reply in 24-48 hours. We need to give big big thanks to Mr. Marios Mamzeris since he is always ready to help and reply within minutes and he gives great support! I really hope LEOxChange will have more guys like him.

We are also really happy that now LEOxChange has increased to withdrawal and deposit limits for fiat currencies to 2500GBP! We hope to see LEOcoin deposit limits at 5000 or even 10.000.

One more time big huge thanks for an amazing service that http://www.LEOxChange.com/ offer!

We also need to give thanks to Mr. Dan Andersson for all he does for the LEOcoin cryptocurrency community. We really believe in him and his work, and we know LEOcoin will have an amazing future, and I am sure that soon the cryptocurrency world will know of LEOcoin. Keep up the good work!

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